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Monday, 2021-10-18

When it comes to safety, it is not surprising that the government plays a role. The government fulfils its obligation here, creating legal norms in the form of regulations. Several regulations and German industrial standards or European standards (if available) apply. Being familiar with these, tracking changes and acting accordingly requires no small effort, one which you are welcome to leave to us.

A brief overview of the current regulations.

Periodic inspections by a recognised expert are required; the periods vary. Maintaining an inspection booklet as proof of regular testing is recommended.

We normally inspect the systems that we maintain annually.

Safety lighting systems are required in, among others:

  • places of assembly (regulations regarding places of assembly)
  • workplaces (trade regulations, workplace regulations)
  • garages (regulations regarding garages)
  • points of sale (regulations regarding points of sale)

Many of the provisions are vaguely formulated; we would be happy to advise you!