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Wednesday, 2021-12-08

Sustainability of our products:

We are committed to purchasing the products that we offer our customers from suppliers who themselves place a high value on corporate social responsibility. For example, we obtain our drive batteries from a manufacturer in Germany who has demonstrated to us that environmental protection is a focus for them.

In stationary products, cheap Chinese imports of sealed lead-acid batteries have unfortunately caused a great deal of price pressure. These products are produced at low levels of social responsibility. Environmental protection and working conditions are far removed from European standards - this is also the reason for the cheaper price. If sustainable products are important to you, we would be happy to supply you with information.

Social responsibility towards our employees:

We are proud that we have not made any dismissals due to company restructuring over the entire history of our company. Developing and retaining good people - this is our concept. Our employees can rely on "your business". With good judgment, we try to support employees with children. Our service technicians can arrange appointments at their own responsibility, such as when their child needs to be taken to the nursery. It's a give and take, as only satisfied employees can provide our customers with excellent service. Ultimately, everyone benefits.