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Monday, 2021-01-25
Chargers with 50 Hz technology

Chargers for drive batteries with the proven 50 Hz technology.
An inexpensive, robust construction, combined with modern charging technology. The solution for most requirements that are placed on chargers in daily use. We would be happy to advise you on which charger is right for you.

Here is a brief overview:

Proven 50Hz charging technology for basic applications
-charges in 8 hours with E-Puls
-low investment costs
-technology proven over many years
-compact and handy design
-wall and stand installation
-IP21 protection class
-soft start

Informative 50 Hz charging technology for standard applications
-data storage
-analysis of the stored charging data using IRComm
-charging status can be seen from far away due to jumbo LEDs
-adjustable device data
-secured full charge by Ah-balancing charging method, depending on the application

Controlled 50 Hz charging technology for all types of batteries
-charging process is independent of fluctuations in mains voltage
-durable due to robust technology
-saves energy due to high efficiency
-special characteristic curves for all applications, flexible adjustment
-analysis of the stored charging data using InfraComm® (DGBM)
-use for AGV applications